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Gardening Daily Tips
For Florence
Thursday July 31, 2008

Rose (Rosa x)
Q&A: Residual Pesticides Harmful To Beneficial Insects?
Q&A: Deformed Summer Squash
Tip: Cover Crop with Buckwheat
News on the Presidential Race
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Rose (Rosa x) Today's Featured Plant
Rose (Rosa x)

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Q&A: Residual Pesticides Harmful To Beneficial Insects?

Question: Last year I sprayed my garden with insecticides to rid it of a very bad white fly infestation. This year I would like to tackle the problem with beneficial insects. Will the pesticides I used last year harm the good insects I bring into my garden this year?

Answer: It can be quite rewarding to see ladybeetles, praying mantis, and lacewings in the garden, munching on pest insects. If there is pesticide residue it could be a problem. But over time, if you refrain from spraying insecticides, the beneficial insects will arrive on their own to consume the pests. Whiteflies can be tackled with strong blasts of water from the hose on a daily basis, or with a soapy water spray, which is less toxic to other insects. Also, be aware that there must be pests for the beneficials to consume when you release them, or they will go elsewhere, which is sometimes disappointing to gardeners.

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Q&A: Deformed Summer Squash

Question: Ours and our neighbor's summer squash have gnarled and lumpy blossom ends. What is wrong?

Answer: A few possibilities come to mind. If the baby squash are just emerging, it could be that the female blossoms weren't pollinated. This sometimes happens early in the season, before the male blossoms appear. It can also happen during cool spells when pollinators are less active.

However, it could be a fungal or bacterial disease. The wet scar formed when the flower detaches from the fruit is a prime site for infection if conditions are right. Cultural techniques like not overwatering, using a drip watering system rather than constant overhead sprinkling (wet plants create a perfect environment for disease), and growing vines on a trellis to improve air circulation all will help significantly. Mulching with a layer of dry organic material such as straw can help reduce the problem somewhat but is not a 100% solution. Try these cultural practices and see if there's improvement.

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Tip: Cover Crop with Buckwheat

Bridge the gap between early crops and later plantings by planting a soil-improving cover crop of buckwheat. Buckwheat germinates and grows quickly in warm soil, maturing within 40 days. Cut and till it under just before flowering.

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