Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Sustainability Research

Purdue Interdisciplinary Center for Ecological Sustainability


Purdue Climate Change Research Center(PCCRC):

Energy Center at Discovery Park:

Center for the Environmental(C4E):

LORRE Integrative Center for Biotechnology and Engineering:

Global Sustainable Industrial Systems(GSIS): https://engineering.purdue/edu/Engr/Research/Initiatives/GSIS/

Tidbit: do you know that the 11th President of Purdue University, Dr. France Cordova, is the sister of a former classmate of mine in Statistics II at Purdue in second semester of 1976-1977 school year.

He was one of 3 classmates, the others are a Taiwanese, an American Risk Assessment Section Chief now at Notre Dame U, and I. I got A+ in that class and they also all got A.

He was older than France. France and I talked on the phone. I donated to the President's Fund as an alumna of Purdue. Also the School of Health Sciences.

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